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In its initial years, Pakistan faced multiple challenges in every sector of the economy, and the emerging automotive industry was no exception. Razi sons (Pvt.) Ltd remained steadfast despite encountering numerous problems, and continued to enhance its stature and credibility as a quality seats manufacturer in 1973, the company achieved a proud distinction when its seats were used in Pakistan's first assembled passenger car manufactured by Suzuki.

With the passage of time, Razi sons (Pvt.) Ltd has gradually expanded its product line and, under the astute guidance of its CEO Mr. Salahuddin Siddiqui, the company is now regarded as one of the premier suppliers of auto parts to OEMs and an integral partner in the development of Pakistan's automotive industry. Our range of products also includes complete interior components and sheet metal parts.

Today Razi Sons (Pvt.) Ltd has become synonymous with quality, reliability, competitive prices and timely delivery. With hard work, constant innovation and commitment, we endeavor to continue our key role to support and bolster Pakistan's automotive industry. 

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